Public Liability Insurance

Unfortunately accidents do happen and the best way to protect you and your business is take out a Public Liability Insurance policy.

What does this policy cover you for?

  • Injury or illness claims from Third Parties/Members of the Public
  • Property damage claims from Third Parties
  • Costs of defending claims made against you or your business

Do I need this cover?

Yes is the answer. You need this cover if you are engaging with the Public in any way – even if they are only dropping in to your house if you run a business from home. You may call to see customers and you would require Public Liability Insurance to do that! Even if you host a book club or non-profit activity i.e. bridge clubs, walking clubs – you still require Public Liability Insurance as it protects you in case you are sued for injuries.

The Industry standard and the cover we recommend is €6,500,000 Limit of Indemnity.

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